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Sci-Hub is in essence a global NGO helping to provide the basic needs of science. Should be supported by the UN.

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"The German government has launched a new Open Source software project called openDesk, which aims to reduce the country’s dependency on proprietary software vendors and support transparency and interoperability.

openDesk is a collection of #OpenSource software modules that are important for day-to-day work in the public sector, such as text creation, file collaboration, project management, email, calendar and messaging."

#FOSS #government #overheid #DigitalSovereignty


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Report on the new initiatives to bring the digital infrastructures back under the control of academia:
"A new wave of support musters in the push for #openaccess publishing"

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@brembs @jpooley @johanrooryck @petersuber @curvenote my fear is that it all will have been for nothing unless we take this issue seriously from the beginning. How do we stop this from being an issue? We need a publicly funded, high quality service that is so good in terms of low friction UX and making work discoverable that it makes commercial equivalents irrelevant. This can be done but I don't see it as being part of the conversation and it's very much not the sort of thing that the EU does, so it won't happen naturally without a strong push for it. A separate strand is that we have to kill off existing toxic brands like Nature etc. While it still exists, people will read it. If we agree and mandate that not one single dollar from public or private funders will go towards these specific, existing commercial publishers we might be able to succeed in changing the relationship between academia and commercial entities. But they can't be part of the solution. If we think they can and allow them to be part of the conversation, if we acknowledge them as valid stakeholders, then we're setting ourselves up for failure.

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Organisms use a range of defense systems against #parasites. Using a #bacteria-#phage model system, @drbridgetwatson @edzewestra &co ask what drives the transient evolution of different systems; implications for #HostEcology & #pathogenicity #PLOSBiology plos.io/3LoFSoM

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.@MartaShocket explores a #PLOSBiology study showing that, contrary to expectations, temperature fluctuations increased #parasite transmission, with implications for how #ClimateChange will impact infectious disease. Primer: plos.io/3r8zGud Paper: plos.io/3LhLykz

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Definitely do not go to these websites to get free study books. Also, don't go to 12ft.io/ to unlock paywalls.

libgen.is, pk1lib.org, ethos.bl.uk, sabaq.pk, sci-hub.se, archive.org, lej4learning.com.pk, pdfdrive.com, unpaywall.org

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Celebrem els 30 anys de Debian, el nostre sistema operatiu preferit 🤩

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Agroassetjament renovable.

Ens calen eines per respondre de forma ràpida a aquestes agressions i per obrir una nova lluita en defensa d’aquesta forma de vida, la pagesia en sentit ampli.


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Thank you for rejecting our manuscript.

Sadly we are not able to accept your rejection at this time. We receive many rejections each year & are simply unable to accept them all. With increased pressure on citation rates & competitive funding structures we typically accept <30% of rejections received. Please don’t take this as a reflection of your work. The standard of some rejections we receive is very high.

In terms of factors influencing our decision, the failure by Reviewer1 to realise the brilliance of the study was certainly one. This, coupled with use of Latin quotes by Reviewer2, rendered acceptance of the rejection extremely unlikely.

We wish your editorial team every success with future rejections & hope they find safe harbour elsewhere.

Our decision regarding this rejection is final. We have uploaded the manuscript in its original form, along with a signed copyright transfer form. We look forward to receiving the proofs.

Source: bmj.com/content/351/bmj.h6326
#science #academia

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Pleistocene glaciations caused the latitudinal gradient of within-species genetic diversity:

Now in @EvolLetters by Emanuel M Fonseca, Tara A Pelletier, Sydney K Decker, Danielle J Parsons, and Bryan C Carstens

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So, I've decided to drop this giant non-enshittified Python course out there for your ongoing amusement. github.com/dabeaz-course/pytho.

It's the same course I took on a decade-long world tour of corporate training. Some people who took it went on to do dumb things like land rovers on other planets and stuff. Anyways, enjoy!

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I often get asked about Bayes factors and confidence intervals as alternative to p-values. I don’t think either of these is any solution at all. elevanth.org/blog/2023/07/17/n

Molt bones recomanacions sobre com impartir un curs introductori de visualització i anàlisi de dades amb R.


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Dear Mastodon friends, it's my pleasure to share this new manuscript on distinguishing gene flow from incomplete lineage sorting (ILS)



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Starting around 1000 CE, the English began building lots of mill dams, and this blocked the migration pathways of lots of fish! Oh no!

They began eating far fewer freshwater fish like salmon, & evidence shows a marked shift to eating marine fish. It's a big of enough thing to get an awesome name:

The Fish Even Horizon

But eels can live out of water for a while, & travel overland if need be. So they could migrate around or over medieval dams.

And so the English kept eating eels. 'Cause eels!

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There is no such thing as a “gene for language”. A short thread to help explain why.
In one branch of human genetics, scientists search for correlations between particular gene variants that people carry and variations in an observed trait (e.g. variability in the general population, or presence/absence of a particular clinical diagnosis – basically, anything that can be characterized or measured in an individual human being). “A gene for X” has become a convenient shorthand when talking about the associations that are detected between variation at these distant levels of genes and traits.
Unfortunately, all that “gene for X” talk fuels popular pervasive misconceptions of genes as mysteriously powerful abstract entities that can somehow directly specify traits, including key aspects of human behaviour. The biological reality is very far from this...1/3
#genetics #language #science

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Another review for @PeerCommunityIn done -- if there is a right direction for the publishing system to move into, this is it. Let the means of intellectual production remain with the researchers.

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